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Why Mikro?

Why Mikro?

A strategic relationship with Mikro can provide new technology and product development support.


Your Needs

Keeping up with accelerating innovation is critical to staying competitive. High-technology manufacturing companies need more than incremental improvements, they need breakthrough technologies to increase market share and improve profitability.

How We Work Together

Strategic relationships with Mikro begin with the application of our patented TOMOTM technology to advance product performance and create strategic value. Further, we work with our partners to co-develop new intellectual property, as well as provide product development, tooling, and manufacturing services.

Partnership Benefits

By partnering with Mikro, your company benefits from improved product performance and time to market, an expanded intellectual property portfolio, reduced development costs and risks, and a high return on your technology investment.

Our Competitive Edge

Mikro has demonstrated that TOMOTM provides significant advantages over traditional technologies, including reduced tooling costs by as much as 50%, reduced production schedules by as much as 70%, and reduced total development costs by as much as 40%.